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Blackjack has a simple rule to follow- probably why most gamblers prefer playing blackjack the most. The rules and payout remain the same. In addition, you can play blackjack both in land-based casinos and online casinos. But understanding how blackjack works is paramount if you plan to be a successful player – and enjoy every minute of it.

Let us give you some insight into blackjack, its workings, its objective, and some rules. 

Understand how blackjack works

The aim of a Blackjack game

In this game, the players have to make a set of cards nearest or equal to the sum of 21. If you hit 21 points with all the drawn cards by the dealer, then you hit the blackjack. However, the dealer will also have to make a sum of 21 to win the bet for the casino. If failed, then you will receive the winnings. 

However, the bets will remain unpaid if the dealer also gets 21. This rule changes in Spanish 21 (another blackjack game variant, though everything remains the same); when both players and dealers hit 21, the player will receive the bet and winning amounts. 

Understand how blackjack works and how to play a game

In this game, the players do not compete with other players on the table. Instead, the dealers are their opponents. Different tables will have different numbers of decks to be played with. For example, a table can have one deck of cards in play, whereas the other can have eight decks. 

Once the players settle in, the dealer will serve two cards to both of them. Now, from the upturned deck of cards, the dealer will show the first card to the player and ask the player if they want to stand or hit. If the player chooses to hit, then it means the player is requesting an extra card from the unseen deck. 

Now, if the total of all the cards turns out to be close to 21, and can bust on taking another card, then the player can stop taking extra cards by standing. It means the player is satisfied with the total of their cards and wants to end their turn.

After this, the dealer will reveal their two served cards and keep taking extra cards from the unseen deck till the total of cards is close to or equal to blackjack. If the dealer cards bust in this process which means the dealer gets a total of more than 21 points, then the hand will be considered over, and the player will win the bet.

Value of cards in Blackjack

In blackjack, there will be multiple decks in the game. Below mentioned are the value of each card when playing blackjack.

  • Aces (A) have two possible values, 11 or 1. The players can decide the value based on the total points requirement.
  • Face Cards (Jack, Kings, and Queens) – All the face cards, be it of any suits, store 10 points.
  • Cards 2 – 10 – They store the values of their number. For instance, card 5 of the diamond will hold 5 points, and card 3 of the spades will have 3 points. 

Final Note

In blackjack, your main aim is to get close to a hand worth 21 points without going bust. You can even use different side bets to safeguard and maximize your profit from the stake. As you play, you’ll learn more secrets about how blackjack works, and become a better player with each hand played.

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