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Football Blast by Kalamba Games demo version
Football Blast by Kalamba Games demo version
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Thunderstruck II Slot Game Review – Play The BEST!
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Legacy Of Dead Slot Game by Play N GO – Review!
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Candy Dreams by Evoplay Slots Review

The Casino Games highlighted on this page are the most popular Casino Games currently enjoyed by players in Canada. All of them offer winning entertainment in safe and secure online, mobile and even live environments backed by some of the biggest names in Casino Game Entertainment. This includes, but is by no means limited, to the following Casino Software Providers:

Which Casino Games are Best?

The answer to that question is entirely up to you because it depends on your jackpot and winning expectations, betting style and of course budget. Let’s also not forget your game interests as well as your preference for Casino Table Games that offer improved winning odds or an appreciation of random number generator software that powers games such as the amazing Online Slots found in all of our Partner Casino Sites. If however, you are new to the exciting world of Casino Games we suggest that you either start with a few low betting limit games (some slots games are a great place to start) or take a closer look at any of the Casino Games Categories on this page and choose an entry-level game. Alternatively, if you are a more experienced player you might wish to play on any of the higher betting limit games found in the following Casino Game Types:

Slot Games

Some of the most popular Casino Games, if not the most popular amongst players in Canada, are of course the Casino Slots. The first ever slot machine was a 3-reel slot machine, which was invented in 1894 called The Liberty Bell. Times and technology have changed since then, and nowadays slot games can provide exciting video and animated slots action which would rival even the biggest franchises in gaming. In fact, some of the biggest gaming characters such as Lara Croft in Tomb Raiser have Video Slots Games based on them. Slots game categories online include Classic Slots, 3-reel Slots, 5-reel Slots, and the Jackpot Payout Slots Games known as Progressive Slots.

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Roulette Games

Roulette is considered to be the oldest of all Casino Games and is derived from a game invented by Italians in 1720 called Biribi. The name Roulette itself means little wheel in French and involves a spinning wheel with numbers on it and a ball that will eventually fall, completely by chance, on one of the numbers. Casinohall, together with our Online Casino Service providers, offers you the very best in a modern version of this classic Casino Game thanks to the random number generator-powered software provided by industry giants such as Microgaming and other award-winning Casino Games Software Providers. This includes multiple variations of both European and American Roulette as well as Double Ball Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Rapid Roulette (also known as Video Roulette) and Mini Roulette.

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Blackjack Games

Another popular Online, Virtual or Live Casino Game option is of course Blackjack. It is also commonly known as twenty-one thanks to the fact that you need to have 21 points in card value (or to get as close to 21 without going over the 21 limit). Although it has a few rule variations based on house edge, it is a game that is very easy to understand and play yet has a very strategic side to it which can help you even the odds of winning. 

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Baccarat Games

Although at first glance Baccarat would seem similar to Blackjack for a beginner, this is very far from the truth. They both however deliver on the excitement side of things, with Baccarat providing 3 variants of Casino Gaming Online known as punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque, Each offers a type of play that is slightly different from the other but all are easy to understand and fun to play.

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Keno Games

No matter if you’re looking for a classic version of this Lotto Style Betting Game or one of the newest and hottest versions of Keno with BIG payouts, our Casino Games Partners all offer a rich selection of Keno Games Selections. This includes vibrant Video Keno Games and even Live Draw Casino Game Events.

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Craps Games

If you feel that lady luck is on your side then Online Craps is the game for you! It is possibly the Simplest of Casino Games in that players are betting on the outcome of the role of a pair of dice. The most difficult part of the game in fact is probably understanding the very specific Craps Slang Terminology, but even that is easy to pick up and much of it has even become part of everyday English language use (such as snake eyes, which is a not so great losing role of 2 in craps or a slang term for bad luck).

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Poker Games

Perhaps movies are the reason why this particular Betting Card Game has become one of the most popular Casino Table Games in the world, or maybe it is simply that it is a strategic game that takes a lot of skill and not just blind luck to play. Either way, no betting site such as Casinohall is going to be worth its salt if it doesn’t offer potential players to enjoy either Live Poker Games or Video Poker Games Online. We in fact have gone one better and offer you every variation of Poker that you could think of, including Five-Card Draw, Texas Hold’em, High/Low Chicago and so many more.
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All these variants as well as many more other games such as Keno and Craps are available for you to try out and enjoy today, through secure and safe online, mobile, and even live environments that are backed by some of the biggest names in Casino Games Entertainment. Of course, every player has a preferred game that suits them best, so head over to /games/baccarat/, /games/craps/, /games/keno/, /games/blackjack/ and see what’s best for you, and do not postpone winning anymore!