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Every gambler has asked this question, at different points in time. You spend some money on slots, you’re excited about a win, and then you lose it all. Everyone tells you not to play slots – it’s a sure-shot way to lose money.  So, are slot machines rigged or not? Let’s find out. 

Are slot machines rigged or fair? Find out here

How do Slot Machines Work? 

Playing slots is easy. Put in your money, spin the wheel, and then hope for glory. But slot machines function on set algorithms. There is logic and math behind it. Most slot machines work on a “Random Number Generator” system.

Though this system is based on random computation, results can be predicted to some extent. Symbols on slots have different values and different numbers attached to them. Any random spin can land a winning combination of symbols. The symbols vary across themes. 

Every slot session is unique. The possibility of repetition of numbers is very rare. All online casino slot machines are programmed fairly and are not tilted toward the house – by no means are they rigged by the casino operator. The profitability of the generated number depends purely on luck. Because of this, it is hard to predict what symbols will appear on a spin. 

What are RTP and Volatility?

RTP stands for Return to Player and is calculated in percentage. It refers basically to the percentage of money players get back from the machine. RTP refers to an average over several games and does not refer to the predictability of players making money back in a single game. Most slot games have a percentage RTP of 95%-97% per cent.

If a game has a 94% RTP, you can expect to make 94 cents for every $1 you have invested.

Volatility is simply a measure of the risk involved in a game. High-volatility games are risky and there is a considerable chance of losses. Low volatility slots usually pay regular, small amounts. The former has better and bigger bonuses, but the latter is the safer and more entertaining option. Recreational players typically play low-volatility slots. 

Can Slot Machines be Rigged?

Though slot machines utilize random number generators, no machine is truly random. Slot machines, like any other machine, can be manipulated. However, this is no easy task. Players use several tricks to manipulate slots in land-based casinos. These included the use of magnets, faulty coins, or piano wires to mess up the slot machine’s working. 

Manipulating gaming machines is illegal in land-based casinos, and the operators caught offering such rigged machines are summarily discovered and heavily fined.

In online casinos, it is much harder to do so. Hackers may try to manipulate the algorithm and bring out their desired combination of numbers but the servers of the casino operators are behind such efficient firewalls that outside manipulation is almost impossible. Discovering bugs and then using them to obtain money is the way to go for people. This is not to promote such behaviour. It is quite possible to win at slots fair and square. 

The only way to manipulate your chances of winning is to pick the correct slot machine. You will be met with hundreds of options – and only a few will meet your goals. To increase your chances of winning, check the RTP and choose your slots wisely. Don’t choose highly volatile machines. If possible, play a demo game. It is usually unwise to use tricks on casino games since most of them backfire.

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