The Most Boring Casino Games

Casino games are perhaps the most controversial form of entertainment. On one hand, they are games – many of them are pretty entertaining and even addictive in the positive sense of the word. On the other hand, though, they can cost you money and they can also be addictive in a not-so-positive sense. Still, there are millions of people around the world playing them in one form or another, either in the halls of the massive resorts in Las Vegas or Sun City or online, playing slot machines and table games on a computer or a smartphone.
Many casino games are exciting even if you don’t count the thrill of risking money with every round. Millions of people play slot machines or blackjack in a social setting, even at real-money outlets like the JackpotCity, with no real stakes involved. There are, in turn, some games that are often played for cash even though they are, for lack of a better word, boring.


Baccarat is a card game where the player can do nothing but put the money on the table. Well, it is in a casino setting. Originally, it was a game of chance where the players could become the dealer themselves – in a casino setting, and especially online, this, too, has disappeared from the game.

The rules of baccarat are pretty simple: two hands are dealt with two cards each, their point value is calculated (face cards and tens are worth zero, aces are worth one, and the rest of the cards are taken at face value), and the hand closer to 9 points wins.
While playing baccarat, everything is done by the dealer (the bank) – the only thing a player can do is bet on one of the hands. Still, baccarat is a popular game, especially among high-rollers, in Macau and Las Vegas casinos.


Bingo is a game that’s played widely in many settings, either for money or as fundraisers… or simply for fun. It’s a lottery-style game where numbers are pulled in sequence from a drum, and players mark said numbers on their tickets hoping to win. But there are many who often ask “where’s the fun in that” – especially when it comes to its online variant, with a random number generator deciding the numbers, and the computer marking them on a virtual ticket?

Real-life bingo can be moderately entertaining thanks to the fun way the callers announce the numbers – there’s an entire collection of bingo nicknames they use. But if you take away this part, what remains is a monotonous, boring game of chance.


Finally, here’s one that’s perhaps the most fun game to play in a real-life casino but utterly boring when played online: craps. If you step into a casino, all the cheering and encouraging happens around the craps table. Here, the players – well, actually, one player, the designated “shooter” – actively participates in the game, throwing the dice, while the others place bets on these throws and cheer when they win (this is something actively encouraged by the casinos).

When played online, though, craps is an utter snoozefest. The game is the same – but without the crowd gathered around the table, it’s simply not the same.

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