The Importance of Casino Blacklists

Since the beginning of the online casino phenomenon back in 1994, online gambling has become increasingly popular over the years. Online casinos keep popping out of the ground like mushrooms. There are several organizations trying to enforce standards of fair gaming and correct financials, but problems always appear – bad customer support, delayed payouts, or even scammers. It is important to avoid these, as they can cause financial loss and bad feelings about the whole online casino business. This is where casino blacklists can be of real help.

Casino blacklists

Why you should check out casino blacklists

To help fellow online gamblers, several websites have decided to compile lists of casinos with unethical behaviour, incorrect practices and other issues. Some of these casino blacklists are compiled based on personal experiences of their respective webmasters, others are created based on user reviews and complaints.

Online casinos are usually classified based on their operators’ behaviour. Casinos with customer support issues or slow payments are usually marked as ‘not recommended’, others with more serious issues are usually classified as ‘Rogue’.
A casino can become ‘rogue’ following a variety of reasons. Usual reasons for making it on a blacklist include slow payments, unresponsive or unhelpful customer support staff, confiscation or denial of payments, endless verification cycles with a constant demand for further documents or other payment issues. Also, several casinos alter the outcome of games by not using random number generators for deciding the succession of the cards in the deck or the pocket the roulette ball lands in, which is not only unethical but also illegal.

Online casinos usually offer affiliate programs – a method of promoting their products and to attract new customers. Affiliates direct new customers towards such casinos in return for a certain amount of cash. Casinos not paying for these new customers also usually make it on casino blacklists.

Where to find a good casino blacklist?

There are several dedicated and trustworthy online gambling resources out there with up-to-date lists of blacklisted or rogue casinos. Before choosing to play at an online casino, be sure to consult the blacklists and read user reviews and complaints about the possible issues related to these casinos. You can consult several such lists, like the one maintained by, The Wizard of Odds or the Online Casino Directory, each based on user feedback and customer complaints. If you find the casino you were about to register to among the ones listed on a blacklist, better to avoid it and choose another one. Be sure to read at least some user reviews before registering to any online casino.

Remember – it is important to stay safe when betting or gambling online. When betting for real money you have to provide real personal information, banking details and such to the casino operator in order to be able to deposit or withdraw your funds. Better keep that information out of the hands of scammers.

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