3 Android Apps Everyone Should Use

Smartphones are perhaps the biggest platform for software developers everywhere, running everything from online casino software to productivity and office tools. And it shows as the number of available apps, from the most anticipated games of the year to a vast variety of services has grown exponentially over recent years. And many of them are only available on smartphones.

But not all apps are created equal. Many of the hundreds of thousands of apps available on Android lay almost forgotten, lost among the ones constantly competing for the spotlight. This is not a great loss in the case of many but it is in the case of these underrated apps available on Android free of charge.


For most smartphone users, the built-in email client in any Android phone is everything they need. When, in turn, you have to use multiple email accounts, both business and personal, you may want to switch to an alternative client that knows way more than the basics. And this is where BlueMail comes in.

BlueMail – Google Play Store

BlueMail is an email, calendar, and task manager app that comes with many exciting features. It can handle all major free email providers as well as professional solutions via IMAP and POP3, it can handle multiple mailboxes in a unified interface, it has integrated Calendar, it supports group emails and clusters for decluttering, and it has smart push notifications that allow you to reply, mark as read or even delete emails straight from it, even on Android Wear devices. Plus, it allows you to assign separate notification sounds and even LED colors to individual email accounts, so you’ll know if an email demands immediate attention as soon as you get it.

XDA Labs

Most people will make do with the more than 1 million apps available in the Play Store. For others, there are several repositories with apps that, for one reason or another, can’t be found there.

XDA Labs app – XDA Developers

One of them is XDA Labs, a software repository maintained by the famous XDA forums allowing hobbyists and professional developers to distribute their software through an alternative channel. What makes it even more attractive is that it doesn’t skim app revenues – developers are getting 100% of the payments made by buyers.


Finally, here’s an app that can solve the annoying problem of mobile advertising, both in web browsers and apps.

Blokada 5 – blokada.org

Blokada Slim Adblock is an app that helps users block annoying ads while browsing the web, thus saving not only time but valuable data, and battery life, too. It uses DNS servers to block many ads and it also comes with a VPN built into it for even more privacy.

Blokada also has a free, open-source full version that can’t be listed in the Play Store due to Google’s policies on ad-blocking software – but it is available through XDA Labs. This one is a fully-fledged ad-blocking solution with filter lists, blocking ads, trackers, malware, and everything in between. It seamlessly integrates with the operating system and requires no root to run. It covers WiFi and mobile data networks and takes care of ads both in the browser and inside the apps themselves.

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